The Importance Of Reaching Out (Audio)


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I want to say thank you to all the experts that have responded to my emails. Your responses mean more to me than you will ever know! Blessings to you…

Emily Lewis
Michael Locke
Katrin Eismann
Janine Smith
Eric Basir
Mikko Vartio
Jeremy De La Garza
Sara Sutton Fell
Jeffrey Zeldman
Kristen Grote

Much love,

In Need Of A Good Habit, Or Two!

I went from energetic and ambitious to lifeless and unmotivated. Living each day constantly imbalanced, in fear of the next vertigo spell, was driving me insane. Participating in daily healthy habits to having no schedule or plan was becoming detrimental. I would wander the house like a zombie, each passing day uncounted. Every non action, I was slipping further into depression. Leaving behind daily healthy habits, laid ground work for complacency and fear. I was grieving the loss of my active lifestyle.

Pre-disability healthy habits:

* Active in the gym
* On a healthy weight loss plan
* Weekly trips to the grocery store
* Participated in a full time job
* Enjoyed sporting and musical events
* Date nights with fiance

These last few months have been deeply introspective. I am pulling out of the dark shadows, finding ways to participate once again. I am learning how to create healthy habits under new life constraints.

Current healthy habits:

* Daily Journal
* Keeping up with the blog
* Listening to audio books/reading books

With each positive habit implemented, I feel myself regenerating. For the next 30 days, I challenge myself to partake in daily healthy habits.

30 day healthy habit challenge:

* Drink nothing but water for 30 days
* No pastries, candies, and ice cream for the next 30 days
* Spend 20 minutes each day, for the next 30 days, sketching

These habits, although simplistic, have a purpose. I believe setting healthy, attainable goals, is the best way to keep myself motivated and mentally fit! To keep myself accountable, I am listing my goals on, and posting the goals on the blog sidebar. Cheers to once again forming good habits!

Much love,

Second Chances

My life drastically changed when diagnosed with a vestibular disorder. A floodgate of emotions began to consume me. Emotions that ranged from anger to fear, depression to confusion. My judgement was often clouded and I made mistakes. I have spent the last few months trying to assess the aftermath of my cloudy decisions. As I evaluate the damages, I am left with the question, am I worthy of a second chance? In my haste I left behind close friendships, and made terrible educational choices. For example: I miss my former best friend dearly, yet it’s hard for me to pick up the phone and ask for a second chance at rekindling the friendship.

man surrounded by puzzle pieces. Image: renjith krishnan /


Why am I putting this out there?

I want you to avoid the same mistakes I have made. Before I was granted this disability, I had major life weaknesses. Those weaknesses were magnified when the disability hit. I would suggest evaluating and shoring up your life weaknesses today!


Examples of my weakness pre-disability:

* I didn’t invest in my friendships . I would not send out b-day cards, make phone calls, plan outings, etc.

* I was afraid to live my dreams. I wanted to live in New York and travel aboard.

* I was 100 percent a workaholic. I didn’t make enough time for family, fiance and friends.


Worthy of a second chance?

I would love a be transported back in time to turn those weakness into strengths! I may or may not be worthy of a second chance, that remains to be seen. The choices we selectively make or dismiss will directly impact the outcome of our futures. Are you worthy of a second chance?

Much love,

Fear Of Failure


split bridge, one side followers, one side leaderImage: renjith krishnan /


My personality is reflective of a clutch hitter. When the bases are loaded, full count, team down by two runs, I’m confident I can hit a home run. When I am called to lead, I am comfortable assuming a leadership role. When I am asked to follow, I am known to be a trustworthy consigliere.

I have always felt comfortable to lead or follow, knowing I was surrounded by team members. As I stand alone, yearning for ways to contribute in the workforce, I am riddled with fear. I don’t have co-workers to collaborate with, or a boss to impress. I am on this journey alone, without much direction. I am afraid to fail.

The fear of failure is going to have to substitute for team members. The fear of failure has asked me to follow and I have been a solid listener. I have listened and understood that I may not succeed. However, I believe it’s my time to lead. I will introduce fear and uncertainty to bravery and success!

Much Love,

Could Your Intern Use An Intern?

I am convinced, there has to be a web design agency or company, that would desire having a non-paid web design intern assisting their paid intern. I have found very few online web design internships. The few online internships posted, I have contacted. I am asking the companies to consider using an intern to help their paid intern. As I learn to reinvent myself and attain new skills, I realize “virtual world” experience is going to be essential to my web design freelance success. So, I am simply asking agencies and companies, have you considered having an intern for your intern?

person sitting at desk with question mark over their headImage: jscreationzs /



Possible benefits of a virtual internship:

*Gain virtual office experience
*Gather a sense of how offices are collaborating online
*Understand what companies and agencies are looking for when they hire a freelance web designer
*Be exposed to industry standard best practices
*Learn to be part of an online team

I am hoping to be taken up on my offer. In the meantime I am going to continue to study web standards and enjoying learning HTML and CSS.

Much love,