Canalithiasis, is that even a word?

It’s quite interesting that I worked in the medical field for a period  of time before being sidelined by my condition. I was becoming intimately  familiar with the daily dealings of the administrative side of healthcare. Working alongside doctors and nurses, training them how to run sophisticated electronic medical records, I found myself mastering the art of labeling. In order for me to train them properly, I had to understand the workflow of the hospital and how patients were triaged, treated and released. Immediately, as patients are checked into the clinic or hospital, the goal was to quickly assess and compartmentalize information in order to give patients a label. The labeling came in different forms,  such as the placing of a medical wristband on the patient for identification, to entering a diagnosis code into the system so that the insurance would be billed properly. It was interesting to see how well oiled the machine ran, until a patient presenting rare or interesting symptoms forced a wrench in the system and was spit out.

Which leads me into my personal journey and how my condition threw a wrench in the system. I will save you the stress of intimate details and break this down as much as I can…

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* “Effie, brace yourself.”

Since we are starting upon a journey some basic preparations need to take place before we move forward. It’s important for you to gather a sense of my past and how I got to this point so we can navigate this journey effectively…

The early years:

I was a latch key kid growing up. My parents were hard working and often times worked more then one job ( mom) to provide us a better standard of living then they were accustomed too. I was more of a chatterbox and dreamer than an exemplary student. I found myself falling into troubled pre-teen and teenage years, missing most of my academic foundation. I managed to pull it together in high school by isolating myself from bad elements and hanging out with the nerdy types. As my nerdy angels headed off to AP classes,  I was herded alongside the other dreamers into donkey knock off classes. I often times believed we were just being baby sat while my nerdy compadres were actually in school learning. I managed to graduate high school and was accepted into a college. ( pics inside)

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Journey From Disabled To Abled

This site was birthed from the encouragement of one of my current medical practitioners. I have been suffering from what I refer to as a hidden disability. Hidden meaning only myself, family and medical practitioners ( doctors, dentist, chiropractor, social worker, vocational rehabilitation counselor) are aware that I suffer from a disability. You see I have a balance disorder. I will get into the details of this balance disorder in a later post. Technically I look “normal” for lack of a better word. When dealing with a  face to face or virtual encounter you will have no clue that I suffer from a somewhat rare condition that leaves me imbalanced/chronically dizzy 24 hours a day.

I plan to document my journey living with a hidden disability and trying to enter back into the workforce and become an active participant in society once again. There are interesting limitations that are placed on me by my condition that will make this a very interesting journey…