2 Pieces Of Tape = Better Quality Of Life?

Marissa with tape on glasses

Ok, so I am walking around this holiday season with two pieces of tape on the inner part of my glasses. This is called Binasal Occlusion. My neuro eye doctor believes this will open up my visual field. The vestibular disorder has caused me to see the world in tunnel vision. I often look down when walking. With the prisms, I am walking more upright. With the addition of tape to the glasses, I am not bumping into as many things around the house as usual. It’s looking like I will have to wear the tape a few more months. Can two pieces of clear tape equal a better quality of life? Time will tell!

So, if you see a guy or gal on the street walking around with two clear pieces of tape on their glasses, pass a compliment or smile! I know I could sure use a little reassurance when out and about. I have been a bit self conscious these past few days, hoping the insecurity will pass.

Much love,


  1. Marissa, glad to have come across your site, and more than glad that you’re finding your way through this disability.

    I was diagnosed with ATypical Endolymphatic Hydrops in May 2009. Mine started with BBPV after which I had a full on vertigo attack. I remember little of the 3 months following that attack (brain fog) and it was a long road to recovery – roughly 12 months to get back on my feet again.

    A daily dose of HTCZ (diuretic) and Acyclovir (anti-viral) and a strict low sodium diet, no caffeine and no alcohol have gotten me back to 90%. There are still days whereas I don’t feel well, but rest usually zaps that in 24 hours. I’ve started to expand my diet slightly, but I do try to focus on anti-inflammatory foods.

    With all the difficulties of the illness itself, sometimes it’s equally frustrating having to deal with commentary from family and friends. To your point, we look “healthy”. This often leads to people questioning ‘why’ I may not feel up to doing a certain activity. I’ve even had someone once say to me something along the lines of … it’s not like you have cancer or anything.

    What I’ve been able to take away from all this is a greater empathy for people in general. The trials and tribulations of every day life.

    It sounds like you’ve found some positives as well as you deal with your condition. Hopefully you find strength in that.

    Wishing you the best.


    • Hello Susan,

      Thanks for reaching out! I appreciate that you shared an important lesson: “What I’ve been able to take away from all this is a greater empathy for people in general. The trials and tribulations of every day life.”

      It is interesting that you mentioned staying away from anti-inflammatory foods. I recently started eating a plant based diet and lost a 1/2 a shoe size! I was shocked with how much inflammation my body was enduring from all the meat and processed foods I was eating.

      I am used to hearing the cancer response. That is the single most repeated response I have received in the last 6 years. There is truth in the statement, however, comparison’s to suffering is irrelevant. I realize, often people don’t know how to respond to a hidden illness, therefore they make outlandish statements. I often try and understand the intent. If I believe they intend no harm, I let the comment fly right over my head. Not taking on other people’s spirits and worries has been key! :)

      Thanks again for sharing your story. I was able to educate myself about your vestibular condition and learned a ton! Have an awesome rest of the week and know I am here if you need someone to talk too: marissa@abledis.com

      Much love,

  2. Hi,
    I also suffer from vestibular problems, although I suspect it’s migraine associated vertigo. How did it go with the tape on your glasses? Did it make your symptoms worse at first, how long did you do it and did it make any difference?

    • Hello Ellen,

      The tape has served me well. It’s called, binasal occlusion. It was meant to help with spatial orientation. I used to round corners in the house and crash into the walls. It was as if I couldn’t judge the distance. According to my eye doctor it’s visually noticeably that my gait is stronger when I walk with the tape on.

      I am also wearing prism glasses. Check this out…http://www.visionspecialistsofbirmingham.com/
      I WISH I had the funds to head out and see this eye doctor! It may be worth it to look into it. I have NO CONNECTION to this doctor and I can’t offer medical advise, it’s just my opinion.:)

      I didn’t wear the tape without the prisms. I used them simultaneously. And, YES, they initially made my symptoms worse. I was nauseous and sick the first 2 weeks I wore the glasses. I had to have extra help from my fiancé walking to the car, etc. I stuck with it and I noticed an improvement within a few weeks. I am searching for quality of life and I believe it has slightly improved my quality of life.

      Wishing you all the best!

      Much love,

  3. Hi!

    I was diagnosed with bilateral vestibular hypo function in 2013. After doing vestibular therapy I was left worse than I started in a sense that my vision system took a major hit.

    I am now seeing a vision therapist who thinks binasal occluders and prisms would work for me. Problem is she doesn’t prescribe them. She is trying to get a local optometrist on board to start prescribing them. It is taking forever :( I am hanging on hope that maybe something like this could help my ears, eyes and brain work together.


    • Candi! Interesting that the VRT made things worse. After reading the VEDA article on VRT therapy, I realized things were going to get worse for a bit.

      “Some of the exercise and activities may at first cause an increase in symptoms as the body and brain attempt to sort out the new pattern of movements. Because of this, people sometimes give up on VRT, thinking it is making their vestibular disorder worse. However, in most cases balance improves over time if the exercises are correctly and faithfully performed. – See more at: http://vestibular.org/understanding-vestibular-disorder/treatment/treatment-detail-page#sthash.hll80D7c.dpuf

      In regards to the prisms. Check out the Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association provider list… http://nora.cc/healthcare-locator.html Hope this helps!

      Hugs and PLEASE keep me posted.

      Much love,

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