Sarah Mills

September 12-12-12 Project Member

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About Sarah:

“Sarah is a 30 year old born, raised and living in Colchester, UK. As a teenager she was a keen athlete and classically trained musician, playing the clarinet and violin. As an adult she is still passionate about athletics and music, but from a spectator’s point of view. As an arty person she likes crafts such as knitting, cross-stitching and card-making, and has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with German and Music, managing to combine both her love for music and for the German language. Sarah is also a self-confessed and proud geek, with an interest in computers, gadgets and most things considered geeky!”

Condition: Severe multiple allergies, covering asthma, hay fever, eczema, food allergies and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

Support Sarah:

SEATA, (Sarah Elizabeth Allergy Treatment Appeal) was setup to raise funds for treatment of severe allergies. Despite medical evidence, the NHS elected to withdrawal funding for Sarah’s treatment, (low-dose immunotherapy administered daily) which is the only treatment that is allowing Sarah to eat, breathe and control severe allergic dermatitis.

“While this treatment is cheaper than anything else the NHS is prepared to offer, Sarah can’t afford this treatment on her own – being disabled and unable to work her income does not permit this.  Basic treatment costs around £2,500 per year.  Comparatively, just one drug of many prescribed on the NHS cost around £3100 per year to prescribe (2007 prices) and provided limited benefit.  There are also other things offered by the clinic as part of her treatment that would be beneficial to Sarah, but without the money needed she cannot access these.”

CHECK OUT Sarah as she is interviewed about her experience with extreme allergies.

Visit Sarah’s donate page to see how you can help!