12-12-12 Project: June-Chronic Pain

According to the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies, 100 million Americans suffer from Chronic Pain.

Chronic pain not only involves the person with pain, but the family as well.

Almost two-thirds (59%) reported an impact on their overall enjoyment of life.

74% said their energy level is impacted by their pain.

This month’s 12-12-12 project will feature Dale Lehn, living with chronic pain. In 2001, Dale was happily living life with his family enjoying a successful sales management career in information technology. He was returning home from the beach when a simple sneeze alerted him of a much greater problem. He quickly went from undergoing an MRI to having a benign tumor removed from his spinal cord. The tumor returned in 2005 leaving Dale restricted to a wheelchair. Dale has worked to enhance his life condition and is the cofounder of chronicpainanonymous.org  I look forward to learning more about Dale’s experience and spreading awareness about chronic pain.

Much Love,

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