12 Months, 12 Journeys, 12 Lessons

Educating myself on other medical conditions and focusing on another person’s journey may be the best way for me to pull through my own condition. See the video or the post that started it all.

12-12-12 project member Blake from ihatestairs.org in market square

Blake Watson

January featuring

Blake is a self identified computer nerd. He has a passion for designing websites which he exercises by doing freelance and volunteer projects. I talk with Blake about living with a genetic nueromuscular condition called spinal muscular atrophy.

12-12-12 project member Kim M. From Hope Whispers

Kim M.

February featuring

Kim was born and raised on a tiny island in Pacific Ocean, which was her home until she graduated from High School in 2000. She spent the next 5 years working at Walt Disney World, married her high school sweetheart in 2004 and entered the world of motherhood the next year. She started the blog, Hope Whispers, where she documents living with a rare liver disease.

12-12-12 project member Amy Gurowitz From Ms SoftServe

Amy Gurowitz

March featuring

Amy Gurowitz is regarded in the MS Internet community as both an advocate for and a voice of the MS experience. Her lighthearted writing style not only educates, it often leaves readers soothed and amused to the point of laughing out loud.


Rhiann Johns

April featuring

Approximately two years ago Rhiann was diagnosed with long-standing brain stem lesion and spastic paraparesis. Despite the challenges throughout childhood and teenage years, Rhiann obtained a degree in Psychology. She recently started “brainlesionandme,” a blog documenting living with a neurological disorder.


Sara Gorman

May featuring

Sara Gorman was diagnosed with systemic lupus at the age of 26. Determined not to let lupus rewrite her plans for the future, she fought to maintain her demanding work schedule, busy social life, and invincible attitude. But after four years of running her body into the ground, she realized she was fighting life, not living it.

12-12-12 project member Dale Lehn

Dale Lehn

June featuring

In 2001, Dale was happily living life with his family enjoying a successful sales management career in information technology. He was returning home from the beach when a simple sneeze alerted him of a much greater problem. He quickly went from MRI to having a benign tumor removed from his spinal cord. The tumor returned in 2005 leaving Dale restricted to a wheelchair. Dale has worked to enhance his life condition and is the cofounder of chronicpainanonymous.org



July featuring

Peachy was diagnosed at the age of 16 with a form of arthritis known as Ankylosing spondylitis. In the beginning, she elected to keep the condition quite. She later found her awareness voice through volunteering her time at the Arthritis Foundation. She is a recent recipient of the 7 Everyday Hero Award! Peachy shares her experiences on her blog titled “Peach Pains”.


Sarah Levis

August featuring

Sarah Levis is a freelance writer, disability advocate, and the voice of the award-winning “Girl Win The Cane” blog. She uses her experiences of acquiring and living with the effects of physical disability, and of her volunteer and paid work with people with intellectual disabilities, to approach disability advocacy, education and associated issues in new and exciting ways.

12-12-12- Project member Sarah (Sezzy) Mills

Sarah Mills

September featuring

Sarah is a 30 year old born, raised and living in Colchester, UK. As a teenager she was a keen athlete and classically trained musician, playing the clarinet and violin. As an adult she is still passionate about athletics and music, but from a spectator’s point of view. As an arty person she likes crafts such as knitting, cross-stitching and card-making, and has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with German and Music, managing to combine both her love for music and for the German language. Sarah is also living with severe allergies that have made a lasting effect on her life.


Andi Durkin

October featuring

Andi is mom to sweet toddler, Jett, who is beating T21, one symptom at a time! She is sharing what has worked for her and Jett on her resourceful blog- Down Syndrome: A day to day guide. Andi’s desire is to help your child thrive while working to change perspectives.



November featuring

An extension of October’s 12-12-12 project on Down syndrome awareness.

Pamela Sloate

Pamela Sloate

December featuring

All through her life, Pamela has never backed away from a challenge. Raised in Scarsdale, NY, and currently residing in New York City, she has battled neurological movement disorder since age 8-1/2. Her particular form, Generalized Dystonia, manifests itself as involuntary movements in her arms and legs, throwing her gait off course and interfering with handwriting and various activities. She also manifests Dystonia in her speech. Pamela is committed to spreading understanding of her rare disorder as well as lending support to others.